We help practitioners and students transform their understanding of acupuncture and Chinese medicine.


Learn more about the history of the Nèijīng Institute, Steven Alpern the founder, the team, and our guiding principles.

“Steve Alpern continues the rich tradition of Chinese Medicine through his inquisitive mind from which he brings out the essence, subtleties, and beauty inherent in this healing art.”

Jeffrey Yuen, Jade Purity Foundation


Discover our Nèijīng lexicon database of Chinese language and thought. There are currently more than 150 entries, and it is growing. All of this is designed to facilitate a deeper study of the arts of acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

“Studying with Steve has helped me deepen my understanding of Jeffrey Yuen’s tradition in clinically relevant and practical ways.”

Justin Ehrlich L.Ac, San Diego, CA


The Nèijīng Institute is devoted to sharing wisdom from classical Chinese medicine with both the acupuncture profession and broader community. View our long-term projects page to learn how we aspire to enrich the discussion about, and understanding of, acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

“Steve makes the profoundly rich, and vast oral lineage of Jeffrey Yuen accessible; which for me has become an indispensable resource”.

Bill Wright, L.Ac, Auburn, CA


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