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The Nèijīng Institute is pleased to present a wide variety of classes, seminars and workshops. Whether you primarily wish to learn how the enduring wisdom of Chinese medicine can benefit your own life, or want to learn about practicing classical Chinese medicine, our educational offerings all focus on experiential learning, in addition to the usual cognitive approach.

Our Neo-natal Dǎoyǐn workshops are primarily experiential, as this practice supports the embodied spirit to release habituated patterns of holding and activation. There is little purpose in talking about neo-natal dǎoyǐn (導引), until after one has begun cultivating it. Our Other Daoist Cultivation classes include as much opportunity for experiential learning, as their specific content allows. While our classes about the nature and process of Transformational Healing introduce sometimes subtle and complex ideas from Chinese medicine, each one also includes specific practices to support participants in cultivating healing.

Basing education in experience is even more vital for our ‘practice-oriented’ classes, which range from Tuīná workshops to our Continuing Education Seminars for Acupuncturists. Learning more (or even better) information, alone, does not constitute education. What value is encyclopedic information about Chinese medicine, unless one can apply it incisively in real situations? Far more important is the ability to ‘sort out’ (jiě (解)) the often confused jumbles of influences (qì (氣)) from both inside and outside, and which constantly change and evolve, that contribute to each individual’s life process.