The Art (術) of Needling

Upcoming Class: Nov 3rd to 6th in Grass Valley, CA


Discover new ways to interact with your patient’s qì (氣). During this continuing education seminar, Steven will discuss the fundamental principles of needling as an interaction, a fundamentally different approach to passively needling with insertion tubes. Steven will teach the ‘chisel method,’ which simulates the #1 needle of Nèijīng (內經) with a modern filiform needle. One classical approach to learning acupuncture was based on the student mastering each of the nine needles in succession. Thus, learning to use the #1 (chán (鑱)) needle to drain stagnant yáng (陽), which can also be understood as clearing xiéqì (邪氣), was the first step in learning to use needles. Steven will introduce, explain, and demonstrate these principles, and give participants time to practice with each other. The group will discuss what participants saw and experienced, and how to describe that within the classical language of acupuncture, and how to interpret it. Steven will also share his work with the opening passage of Língshū (靈樞).

Who is this for:

  • The Art of Needling seminar is a 3 day workshop for acupuncturists who are ready to feel more confident in their practice. No matter what background you have, learning to interact more directly with your patient’s qì (氣) will support your success in practice. Steven Alpern has over 30 years of experience in working with patients with a broad variety of issues.  Whether you’ve been an acupuncturist for one year or thirty, this seminar offers needling with a deeper experience of qì (氣).

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You will learn:

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Total Attendees:

  • There will be 6 available spots for this class

Cost and Details:

  • $350 USD (meals not included)
  • Early bird pricing $300 USD, available up to two weeks before.
  • For out of town guests, shared rooms are available at $30/night. Please inform us if you are interested in rooms upon registration via email.

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