Neo Natal Dǎoyǐn



Release the breath, open the body, liberate the spirit.

Neo-natal Dǎoyǐn (導引), NNDY, is based on a collection of ancient and primitive “internal qìgōng (氣功)” exercises practiced in lying down postures. While sitting meditation has become popular due to its prevalence in Buddhism, Daoists have always favored standing and lying down meditations. NNDY probes deeply into the individual’s embodiment with gentle rhythmic movements, which also soothe and facilitate release. Like all qìgōng (氣功) practices, this one combines awareness, breath, and movement, to ‘hook-up’ with the individual’s fundamental qì (氣) dynamic. Daoists have historically valued lying down postures for meditative qìgōng (氣功) practices, because they help minimize the influence of deeply habituated postures used to stand up in (and to) the world. When practiced mindfully and with sufficient willingness, neo-natal dǎoyǐn (導引) can help individuals probe and release their deeply habituated holding patterns.

Neo-natal dǎoyǐn (導引) works on the level of causation for a wide array of symptoms from joint pain, chronic disease, or challenging emotional blocks. Practicing it can assist individuals in working with virtually all physical and emotional issues. NNDY opens the body and spirit deeply, and facilitates flow to promote fundamental healing.

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Practicing NNDY can bring both great clarity and equally great turmoil. Probing, bringing to conscious awareness, and releasing previously unresolved and somatized experiences liberates the individual. However, part of the process of “pulling things out of the closet” is returning to the emotions and experiences that individuals had stuffed away at an earlier date. This can be very challenging, as only material one wasn’t willing and able to fully experience in the past had to be somatized and stuffed in the first place!

Nevertheless, by aligning with the breath and movements, even the most challenging of experiences can be facilitated with Daoyin practice. Although the fundamental alchemy of transforming one’s relationship with experience is not something that happens quickly, the benefits are long lasting and sustainable.

In either a long weekend retreat or three one-day workshops, you will:

  • Learn the complete set of NNDY exercises
  • Have time to practice NNDY, and ask for clarification when questions arise
  • Learn to begin cultivating NNDY to facilitate healing
  • Have the opportunity to share your experience to make it more real, and to learn from the experience of others

Learn more about NNDY with some free downloads:

Total Attendees: 

  • There will be 8 available spots for this class

Cost and Details:

  • $370 USD (includes daily meals)
  • Early bird pricing $320 USD, available up to two weeks before.
  • For out of town guests, shared rooms are available at $30/night. Please inform us if you are interested in rooms upon registration via email.

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