Tuīná (推拿): A Chinese Art of Healing with your Hands

Grass Valley, CA

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Sometimes called ‘acupressure,’ only a small portion of tuīná is about pushing on points. Practicing tuīná brings the principles of standing meditation from qigong or taiji into a healing interaction with a client. The single most important principle of both arts is (sōng), which my first teacher expressed as “relax and sink.” In standing meditation, sōng settles one’s qì into one’s stance, thus allowing a profound sense of owning one’s space. In tuīná, the practitioners sōng is conveyed to the client both through the pressure of his/her relaxed weight, and also through direct field communication. For individuals interested in exploring the art () of acupuncture, sōng is fundamental for learning to needle as an interaction.

You will learn and practice:

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  • Standing meditation (, chán) and the principles of sinking
  • Specific exercises to open flow in the shoulders and arms
  • The fundamental ‘push’ (推, tuī) skill of tuīná
    • Specific ‘push’ strategies for back, shoulders, legs and arms
  • One approach to the fundamental ‘hold’ (拿, ná) skill of tuīná

Scheduling: Local: Four four-hour workshops (?)
Educational retreat: Thursday afternoon thru Sunday lunch

TYPE: Educational Retreat

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