Nèijīng Institute Acupuncture Clinic

The Nèijīng Institute aspires to open a community-style clinic to offer the local population a low-cost treatment option, by bringing them together with practitioners and students who are cultivating the art (shù (術)) of needling. This will be a teaching clinic, based on the clinical philosophy of classical Chinese medicine, inspired by Nèijīng (內經) — The Inner Classic [of Medicine]. In preparation for opening this clinic, Steven will teach short workshops on needling as an interaction and wèiqì (衛氣) releases at the Nèijīng Institute, and continuing education seminars for practitioners interested in The Art of Needling.

Our fee for treatments at the Nèijīng Institute Clinic will be based on a sliding-scale, ranging from $20-$50; there will be an additional one-time fee of $15 for the initial visit. We aspire to open this clinic sometime during 2017. When we have interested practitioners and students to staff it, the clinic will open, and offer wèiqì (衛氣) treatments. As the students progress in their education, the clinic will expand to include other (and more complex) treatment strategies.