Health Care: NOT Just a Funding Challenge

The Problem with Health Care is the Pervasive Fantasy that We Can Treat It as a Consumer Good!

Health and healing are not consumer goods. Why would one think we could treat health care as one? If consuming health care actually made people healthier, there could never be enough. Our society would have to ration it explicitly.

When policy makers consider the issue of how to distribute health care, they get carried away with economic models, and forget about the underlying issue. In economic terms, individuals pay for goods and services to achieve a desired result, yet healing doesn’t work that way. We might buy short-term control of the manifestation of distress, but that purchase undermines our ability to use that expression of distress to sort out the factors that create it.

Health and healing are a matter of cultivation. We might even consider them a life-style, but try as we might we cannot make them into consumer goods. Health comes from the inside, and suppressing the signs of physiological distress doesn’t bring it back.

We can’t buy health any more than we can buy love.

For either health or love, it may appear for a short time that one can buy it, but doing so only introduces the unquenchable thirst for more purchases. Trying to turn them into consumer goods subverts their very nature.

Health (like love) flourishes when individuals invest in it!

Health flourishes when an embodied spirit invests in its individuality, and suffers when the individual’s alignment with life wavers. Pay attention to facilitating vital function, rather than simply the desire to enjoy your experience. Make decisions based on what your embodied spirit expresses, and you will tend to grow healthier. Yet, simple as it sounds, following that injunction isn’t always easy. Sometimes people need to experience the discomfort of the healing process.

The challenge of health care is NOT financial, it’s technical. We will start conquering it when we explore how to resolve disease, rather than maintaining it by managing expression.