The classical Chinese language e-lexicon is a free offering provided by the Nèijīng (內經) Institute. Below we’ll introduce to you the functionality and how you can sign up to gain full access.

How It Works

1. Highlighting Terms

Every classical Chinese language term that occurs on our website is highlightable by the user. For example, when we write the term shén (神) it becomes a link. By placing your cursor over the term, you’ll see the definition pop up for easy viewing. Go ahead and try that now.

2. Seeing Full Definitions

As you’ll discover, some of our terms (such as qì (氣)) have longer definitions. By highlighting the term, you will get the summary version of the definition. But, if you click on the term itself, you’ll be directed to the full definition. Please click on qì (氣) now, take a look, and then come back to this page.

3. Our Full List of Terms

As a public viewer, there’s a few terms that we’ve made available for you to see. You’ve already seen two of them. Here’s another two terms that you can play with: jīng (精) and jīngshén (精神).

To see the full list of terms that we have available, please visit our lexicon browsing page. Last we counted there are over 15o entries.

4. Ways to Use the Lexicon

You’ll see that throughout the Nèijīng (內經) Institute website, the lexicon is always active. Take a look at some of our blog postings and articles on Chinese Medicine and you’ll see the lexicon in action. This is meant to help students at the Nèijīng (內經) Institute have a fuller experience when studying.

5. How to Become a Member

Full access to the lexicon is free with membership. It also comes with other benefits and educational material. To sign up, all you have to do is click here and register today.