dǎoyǐn (導引)

is the ancient name for qìgōng (氣功) exercises. The first character, dǎo (導), consists of the well known character for ‘the Way,’ dào (道), positioned over the character for a (living) inch, cùn (寸), which is used to measure the anatomical locations of many acupuncture points. The second character, yǐn (引), means to stretch; it is the pictograph of a bow (and arrow). A bow propels movement through stretching and then releasing. This is much the same dynamic as the neo-natal dǎoyǐn (導引), which stimulates internal movement through harmonizing physical movements — stretching and then releasing — with deep cleansing breathes. Neo-natal dǎoyǐn (導引) truly has a fitting name, as it is a practice of ‘measuring internal movement that is activated by stretching and releasing.’

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