húnpò (魂魄)

These can certainly be considered two discrete aspects of shén (神), which operate in each individual’s life. Hún (魂) is often translated as “ethereal soul,” and is the shén (神) of the liver; pò (魄) as “corporeal soul,” and is the shén (神) of the lungs. However, when used together they express another yīn-yáng nexus, which is also among the even more structured Heaven-Earth nexuses, where the hún (魂) rules the pò (魄) and the pò (魄) serves the survival needs of the hún (魂); I’ve chosen to render this pair simply with the pinyin “húnpò,” rather than the usual conjunction, because I believe this complex of shén (神) animates wèiqì (衛氣), so can be understood as “responsive animation.”

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