jīngbié (經別)

can be translated literally as “channel divergence(s), channel distinction(s), or channel separation(s),” though it is usually translated as “divergent channel(s).” For more discussion on interpreting two (or more) character complexes containing jīng (經) see its lexicon entry, or the ones for jīngmài (經脈), jīngluò (經絡), qíjīngbāmài (奇經八脈), or jīngjì (經紀). The jīngbié () have a polar relationship with the primary channels/vessels: jīngbié () absorb unresolved influences (qì (氣)) from the primary channels/vessels, and they also project an individual’s core interpretations in life onto the primary channels. Because each of these inter-connected roles is so important, I’ve chosen to render jīngbié () differently for each of them — channel divergences for absorbing unresolved pathogenic factors (and the embodied spirit’s unfulfilled reactions to them) and channel distinctions for the individual’s collection of core interpretations, which he/she projects onto all experience.

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