míngtáng (明堂)

this is the name of the Great Hall where the Emperor held audiences, so the discussion in Sùwèn 75 has a formal importance beyond most others in Nèijīng. In chapters near the end of Sùwèn, the Yellow Emperor changes his role — in previous dialogues, he had earnestly asked one of his advisors to help him understand various points of medicine. In Sùwèn 75, he challenges the Thunder Duke to describe the Art of Medicine, and eventually laments its degradation and loss.
Within the microcosm of an individual, míngtáng (堂) refers to a point one cun (寸) into the skull from yìntáng (印堂), which is between the eyebrows. This internal míngtáng (堂) may indeed be the more important reading for the opening passage of Sùwèn 75.

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