shuò (爍)

literally means “shining, glimmer, twinkle,” (as in 閃爍); the imagery of shuò (爍) suggests its use in Chinese medicine — from 火 (huǒ) ‘fire’ and 樂 (yuè) as the ‘phonetic,’ though shuò (爍) also means ‘pleasure,’ apparently referring to the sheen one gets with excitation; shuò (爍) refers to the ‘shiny complexion’ of one who is deficient. An older meaning for shuò (爍) is “burnt (away).” In either case, shuò (爍) can ensues from indulging to an excess in the ‘sheen of pleasure,’ such as late night partying with drugs, alcohol, and/or sexual indulgence; this usage is remarkably similar to our contemporary English vernacular of ‘being burnt out’ after such behavior.

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