xuèqì (血氣)

these two characters are often translated simply as the conjunction “blood and qì,” though they are not truly separable ‘things’ (nouns). They are a yīn-yáng (陽) nexus, and thus they represent a single vital flow that can then be differentiated as it serves the inspirited alignments of the various zàng. The zàng contain the spirits that animate the individual’s qì; the blood-qì nexus is often characterized by the well-known expression: qì is the master of blood, and blood is the mother of qì; also, within each individual’s life, blood provides the capacity to experience phenomena, and qì the ability to act in (and on) the world; thus, one might identify xuèqì (血) with post-natal qì (後天之). The yīn-yáng nexus of xuèqì (血) represents the moment-to-moment vital functions of life: xuè (血) provides the capacity to experience phenomena and qì (氣) the ability to act out one’s intention.

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