Passive Health Care Breeds Dependence

Passive care is ANY form of health care where the patient is a passive consumer of a good or service. That might be a pharmaceutical medicine, surgery, joint or other physical manipulation, dietary supplement, or any other consumption-based attempt to improve your health. Let me be very clear: I do NOT consider this a problem with any particular modality or therapy, but a failure in how our society — our political economy — conceives of and uses the technologies humankind has developed.

Modern clinical theory teaches acupuncturists to practice according to the passive care model. This approach matches the commonly held standards of modern medicine, and treats patients to manage the intensity of symptoms. While this work allows patients to maintain their diseases without having to expose themselves to potentially toxic “side-effects” of pharmaceuticals, it is not the highest form of acupuncture. That’s one reason many acupuncturists seek other training, beyond their standard (mandated) training — to enhance the long-term value of their work.

Within the current health care arena, many patients comply with the passive care agenda, and grow dependent on their therapies. However, when one buys into that model:

She (or He) is not a Patient, but an Annuity!

While passive care (regardless of the specific modality) is a great economic model for the people and especially the corporations that provide it, it has less value for patients. Passive health care reinforces the idea that the patient’s body is “broken” and needs to be fixed by somebody else. However, the human body is made to heal! That is its natural and intrinsic tendency. When the embodied spirit (jīngshén (精神)) fails to restore health, we can conclude that SOMETHING is blocking this natural and intrinsic movement.

When used incisively, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine stimulate the embodied spirit to release, expel, or otherwise resolve such blocks, and thus to facilitate healing. When an individual’s entire being is focused on the healing process, when both the personality’s conscious choices and the embodied spirit’s automatic functioning are aligned toward healing, the possibilities are limitless. We’ve all heard of people that have healed themselves of cancer; those aren’t random events, but the natural result of the embodied spirit successfully unblocking its natural potential.

Take the initiative; find ways to heal your life. Don’t just be a passive consumer of health care!