Work trade is a program in which volunteers become immersed in the institute for a minimum of one month. Financial insecurity can often block our access to healthcare and health training services, resulting in an additional layer of stress for many individuals. Following the daoist philosophy of service, the Neijing Institute offers a small portion of its services towards work trade participants. You help with our aspirations and we help you with yours.

Other work trade participants are prospective students and simply with to work closer with the team for a period of time. Being a work trade member is a great way to begin exploring all the educational offerings at the Neijing Institute.

Making a commitment

Work trade participants are accepted year-round and commit on a per-month basis, from a minimum of one month to three months. Submission of a written application and interview are required before commencement of your work trade program.

If interested, please fill out the application form below. We typically respond within 7 days.

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